GIS Development

Geographic Information Systems have come a long way since their inception. GIS software is now wide and varied including mobile, desktop, server and everything in between.

At GIS Solutions we can design, build and deliver fast, stable and user friendly mappings systems that meet your needs and budget.

GIS Software Design, Development & Deployment

GIS Solutions can build, install or tweak a geographic information system ensuring that it meets your spatial needs at an affordable price. We can provide geospatial solutions that integrate with your existing systems using the latest in GIS technology. Weather you require a desktop, web, server or mobile solution we can help you find a solution from the many types of GIS & GPS software and technologies.

With the global adoption of budget global position system devices (GPS) and Australia wide coverage of 3G, 4G and now 5G mobile data network mobile GIS software are more powerful and affordable than ever.

GIS solutions can help you find suitable mobile GIS hardware including IoT devices, phones, tablets and even GPS and GNSS receivers. Wether you need it to run on Android, Apple iOS or Linux, our skilled team can then select, install and configure the GIS software that meets your requirements.

Desktop GIS has grown over the years and the Australian market now has a large range of options. Numerous proprietary options are available from different Australian companies such as MapInfo, ESRI, ERDAS & Autodesk. In addition an amazing range solid & free open source options like QGIS, GRASS, JUMP & SAGA.

GIS Solutions can help you identify and select a desktop package that meets your needs and budget. Our team can find solutions that will run on any operating system weather its Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows or your flavour of Linux. We can even help train your users in the day to day operation of it.

Web based GIS has become super popular. GIS Solutions can provide solid server & cloud based solutions for accessing your data over the web. Wether it’s a Web Mapping Service (WMS), a Tile Mapping Service (TMS) or web mapping using a specific API like Google Maps, we can assist you in delivering the functionality you need.

In addition to web based mapping, heavy data crunching often requires server based solutions for a timely response. GIS Solutions can setup onsite or host remotely server solutions using the latest ESRI including ArcGIS Online or Open source software like PostGIS