GIS Training Australia

GIS Solutions provide GIS training throughout Australia.

We have helped train small and large organisations to better understand their GIS software. Plus we do it at a fraction of the cost of many other professional GIS training organisations.

GIS Training Courses

GIS Solutions offers customised GIS training that is affordable.

We can instruct in all common GIS mapping software packages including ESRI’s ArcGIS, QGIS and many others. We can even prepare training courses for your customised GIS system.

New GIS systems or updates to existing mapping software can have a detrimental effect on users performance and the quality of their work. We can assist by providing customised training of staff in the features of the new or updated mapping system.

We offer GIS training courses through out Queensland and Australia.

Training can be conducted onsite in a classroom setting or via one on one instruction or alternatively we can provide remote online training. We can cater for beginners through to advanced users.

Why Use Us?

  • Experienced instructors who are skilled at instructing, not just GIS
  • Instructors with decades of GIS experience
  • Use your data where possible rather than some random dataset from another country that has nothing to do with your real world usage.
  • Train onsite or via the web
  • Web training can be split over many 2 hours sessions.
  • 4 hours of support in the week following the training for those “how do I do that thing again?” questions
  • Customisable content
  • Can do a percentage training & a percentage consultancy

Affordable GIS Training

GIS Solutions saves their clients on average 60% on training costs compared to other training providers!

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Our Costs
Our Competitors Costs

GIS Training Courses

  • Introduction to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
  • Advanced ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
  • Migrating from ESRI ArcGIS Desktop to ESRI ArcPro
  • Introduction to ESRI ArcPro
  • Advanced ESRI ArcPro
  • Migrating from ArcGIS Desktop to QGIS 3
  • Migrating from ArcPro to QGIS 3
  • Introduction to QGIS 3
  • Advanced QGIS 3
  • Introduction to ROAM

Case Study:

Client: Australian Government Department

Task: Customised ArcGIS Desktop Training

Cost Benefits: $15,976 saved

Time Benefits: Completed in 3 days, versus months

Training Overview

A large Australian Government department required training of ArcGIS Desktop for two existing staff members.

Looking at the training courses available through a local ESRI distributor they knew they would require all of the knowledge in ESRI’s ArcGIS I, some from ArcGIS II and a small portion from ArcGIS III. But a large portion of ArcGIS III and some of what ArcGIS II taught was outside of their requirements and would never be used.

They calculated the costs and found that for two people to attend ArcGIS I, II & III  in their nearest capital city would cost $13,376. In addition it would take 7 days in total, spread out over many months and would cost approximately $7,000 in travel, accomodation & meal costs.

Competitor’s Total Estimated Training Cost: $20,376

The staff contacted GIS Solutions and a training plan was worked out.

Parts of our Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop and Advanced ArcGIS Desktop courses were combined to create a custom training course to meet their needs. The course formulated would only take 3 days to conduct.

In addition the training was conducted on-site which allowed local data & scenarios to be used in the training. Also some consultancy was given to assist with problems they were experiencing with their current GIS setup.

Our Total Cost: $4400

Total Estimated Saving: $15,976

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More Than GIS Map Training

Due to a lack of awareness or knowledge of existing GIS mapping systems many staff of GIS enabled organisations fail to utilise the full potential of their GIS software.

This can cause inefficiency and increase the demand on the spatial support team. With our experience we can provide class room based training, one on one training & remote online training to organisations across Australia enabling your GIS users to get the most out of the GIS software.

We can even help identify new ways to utilise your GIS software within your organisation and train staff in how to do things the best way.