GWM Water Wimmera Mallee LIDAR & Imagery Management

During the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project GWM Water had 11,732 square kms of land flown and LIDAR & aerial imagery created.  GWM Water needed assistance in managing and serving and processing this giant dataset in a fast but easily accessible way.


GWM Water

GWM Water is a government-owned statutory corporation that provides water and wastewater services for approximately 72,000 people across Western Victoria, Australia.

Website: GWM Water

Skills Required

Spatial Data
Map Design

Scope Of Work

For the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project (WMPP) 11,732 square kms of land was flown and LIDAR & aerial imagery obtained.  This award winning dataset ( when thinned consisted of 1.3 billion LIDAR points.

GIS Solutions assisted in managing and setting up this dataset which at the time was one of the worlds largest LIDAR & orthimagery datasets ever delivered! We assisting in importing this giant dataset into the corporate system, created new datasets from the Terrain dataset such as 1m contour lines and assisted in providing users access to this data in a fast accessible way.