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GIS Solutions are the Australian experts in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

We have comprehensive knowledge of professional GIS software as well as system integration.

GIS Solutions can provide anything GIS related, from GIS training to spatial data or display maps.

We offer a full range of GIS related services. Our clients come from all over Australia, so no matter what state you’re in, we can help.

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GIS Solutions

Customised GIS Solutions that integrate with your existing systems.

Mobile GIS Solutions

All the best GIS stuff shoved into your pocket for easy access at anytime, anywhere.

GIS Training Services

We have helped train small and large organisations to better understand their GIS software. Plus we do it at a fraction of the cost of most other training organisations.

Spatial Data

We can source & acquire existing geospatial databases, capture data layers in the field, or integrate your mapping system with existing spatial data.

Digital & Hardcopy Maps

Our GIS consultants can design and style aesthetically pleasing, visually compelling digital & hardcopy maps.

GIS Analysis

We can identify and extract the information you need to make the best decisions in your business

A little bit about us…

We started off in an Information Technology background. We actually got introduced to GIS by having it forcibly pushed into our job description on a project due to another departments incompetence! We rebuilt the GIS system from the ground up and through this process we fell in love with GIS. 25 years on we specialise in GIS and haven’t looked back! We love it, it’s our passion. We love the way it allows you to visualise boring tabular data. We love how it can make hard decisions easy to make. We love the way it can fill the needs of so many across an organisation. We love how it can be the bridge to connect separated systems and processes.