GIS Solutions provide cartographic map design services to create beautiful and informative maps that fill your reporting and publishing needs.

We can produce single maps, map books or map series, wall maps of any size and provide these in hard copy, digital form or via a digital web mapping service.

Digital Mapping Services

The world has gone digital.

Thus many business demand a digital solution for their mapping needs. Hardcopy maps are great, but aren’t the solution for every situation.

Our GIS consultants can design and style aesthetically pleasing digital maps. Then we can deliver them via fast web mapping services. Our partnered online map service providers can also host the web mapping service to take the load from your servers.

Need to integrate with existing mapping systems?

No problem. We can help you merge your mapping data with services like Google Maps or Bing Maps and deliver mapping solutions embedded on your website.

Hardcopy Maps

Still need stunning hardcopy maps?

Our team combines cartographic GIS tools with professional publishing tools. The result is visually compelling maps that convey the information you need.

Our design team can also mimic aspects you may like from Ordnance Survey, UBD & Gregory’s products.

We can provide maps in hardcopy or digital formats like PDF. We can even create digital map templates for use in mapping systems like ArcGIS or QGIS. That way you can use them again and again.

We maintain affiliations with high quality Australian-based printers. That means we can deliver more than map design. We can provide the final, beautifully finished product right to your desk.

GIS Solutions is proud to offer full colour wall maps up to 1.3m x 100m, and in sizes right down to A4 prints.